FAQ at Auto Brokers of Nashville

  1. How long has Auto Brokers of Nashville been around? - Auto Brokers has been in their Berry Hill location since January 2000.
  2. How does Auto Brokers of Nashville work? - We specialize in selling clean, well-maintained SUVs, Cars and Trucks. We are constantly searching for good deals on good vehicles. When we find them, we pass on those deals to you.
  3. How can you sell cars at wholesale to the public? - We don’t have all the overhead that the “big” dealers do because we don’t have the ‘big” flashy location, “big” advertising budgets, “big” management salaries and “big” sales commissions. This all simply means that we can sell our vehicles without the “big” prices.
  4. What about Trade-Ins? - Yes, we take Trade-Ins. Bring your car to our lot and we will give it a test drive. We’ll evaluate it to determine an amount that we can give you toward your purchase.
  5. Will Auto Brokers buy my car? - Yes, we will buy your car. Bring in the vehicle you want to sell and we will give you a fair price based on condition and market value..
  6. What about taxes? - We are a licensed Tennessee dealer. If you live in Tennessee, we will charge you the tax and pay them directly to the State. If you are out of state or military, we do not charge state taxes. If you have a trade, the value of your trade will be deducted from your purchase price and you only pay tax on the difference.
  7. How about financing? - We can take your credit application and help you find financing with a variety of financing institutions. We don't make money on the finance process like most big dealers.

    If you have a financial source you would like to use, we can provide all the information they need to help you secure your loan.
  8. What are my warranty options? - We have several warranty options available. Contact us to discuss which option is right for you.
  9. What are Doc Fees? - These are extra fees charged by most dealers to prepare your paperwork or to increase dealer profits. We don't charge Doc Fees. At Auto Brokers of Nashville there are no hidden fees.
  10. How often does your inventory change? - We add new vehicles several times a week. We also get trade-ins several times a week. Check our Inventory page regularly for new additions.